Our Agency

History of SERRC

While an anniversary is a good time to look back and celebrate, SERRC - Alaska's Educational Resource Center - is also looking forward to improve existing services and engineer innovative new programs that support students of all ages, educators, schools, districts, and agencies to improve student achievement.

Created in 1976 by the Alaska State Legislature, SERRC was originally one of six regional resource centers authorized to meet the changing educational needs of both rural and urban Alaska.

Over the years, Alaska's other regional resource centers struggled with solvency and eventually closed. SERRC survived, grew, and adapted to the state's ever-changing educational landscape by obtaining state and federal grants; expanding its direct student, school, and district services; and moving into the adult education field. In 1981, SERRC incorporated and received permission to provide services statewide.

Today, SERRC provides educational services to every school district in the state, employs more than 60 people in offices in Anchorage and Juneau, and offers adult education services in Southeast Alaska communities under The Learning Connection banner.

While SERRC may offer hundreds of educational programs throughout the state, the agency's services are easily divided into three categories: Direct Student Services, School and District Support Services, and Community Services. No matter the program or service, all of SERRC's programs are designed to help Alaskans succeed in school and in life.