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Transition Camp

Transition Camp is Change!

Transition Camp is a week-long academic learning experience for both students and educators which is focused on skills and techniques that assist students to transition from school to adulthood. Camp objectives and activities are aligned with Alaska Content Standards and the Alaska Transition Outcomes Project. For more information on the camp, contact Gail Greenhalgh (, Transition Services, and view the sample schedule attached below.

Camp emphasis is on these primary career exploration and life skills areas:

  • Identify career interests and plan for career options.
  • Use employability skills to develop a work ethic necessary for success in the workplace.
  • Acquire knowledge that contributes to well-being in the workplace and for independent living.
  • Develop employability and job-seeking skills to effectively make the transition from school to work and life-long learning.

Camps are available to any district that chooses to attend. District teams consist of a special education teacher, a special education paraprofessional, three 10th – 12th grade special education students and one 10th – 12th grade typical student. Half teams of the teacher and two students are accepted. Camp tuition, $3900/team pays for ground transportation, materials, instruction, meals, and housing during the camp, and one source of funding is Title VI-B money. To get started, fill out the Letter of Intent form below, and return it by January 11, 2010.

Teachers who are attending should use the "Countdown to Sessions" and the "Just for Teachers" links to prepare themselves and their students for the session. Make sure parents read the "Just for Parents" page. Use the “Just for Students” link to learn additional details and access the advance assignments. Transition Camp students complete assignments 3 and 10.

All session forms and assignments available for download

2009-10 Session:
March 1-5, 2010